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Please upload as many professional and natural pictures as you have of good quality. The natural pictures are for information and assessment of your potential only.

Join the best escorts in Manchester

We are always looking for quality ladies to join our team whether you have had previous experience or not. Those who are working elsewhere or have an independent status may want to consider joining a premier agency with all the recourses to ensure that they have a profitable and exciting career. Our rapidly expanding and evolving agency is also looking for new talent. Ladies who have never escorted before, but fancy the lifestyle and have the necessary interpersonal skills. If you have the right temperament it is a great way to extend your social life, make friends as well as entering into a lucrative business.    

What we are looking for in the way of top class escorts?

Escorts Jobs Manchester – If you are considering taking up escorting, but not sure if it is for you or if you are suitable, it is always worth approaching us. After all we know exactly what we are looking for and the qualities you need to possess. Ultimately we are looking for attractive young ladies who enjoy life and love meeting people. Women who already have an active social life and know how to mingle are probably best placed to move into escorting. Many guys like a girl who is a coquette and loves to be flirtatious as it makes them feel good to get that sort of attention. So if that is your normal persona, then you are possibly a natural without actually realising it.    

How to apply to be one of our Escorts in Manchester?

If you already escorting or new to the concept and either think you have what it takes or want to find out, fill in the form giving as many details as possible. Attach as many recent photos as possible. They do not need to be professional ones, but include those to if you have some. Natural everyday poses are perfectly alright, so we have a good idea of what you look like.  We will then look through your application and get back to you using the contact details provided. We are always discreet,