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Duo Escorts

Duo escorts in Manchester

After seeing escorts for a while some men turn their attention to a bit of experimentation to explore their erotic horizons. That could be dabbling in a bit of role play, mild domination or submission, BDSM or the allure of being with two sexy ladies at the same time. As the old saying goes two pairs of hands are better than one.  Many gents dream of being kept happy by two sexy women at the same time. We have some of the best escort duos around who have the requisite guile and finesse to give a deserving gentleman a heavenly experience. There is limit to how many erogenous zones one lady can caress at any one time unless she is a contortionist, far better to employ another pair of hands for that extra special sensation. 

A predominant fantasy many men have

Men throughout the ages have always been turned on by the fantasy of being involved in a threesome, sandwiched between two beautiful young ladies. If you are in a relationship, getting your partner to agree to share you could always be a touchy subject, or even a no go area. The best alternative is to arrange to see two experienced escorts at the same time. Often men like a contrast and have a duo that consists of a blonde and brunette or fancy a coffee and cream combination or maybe a couple of ravishing blondes. With escorts in Manchester you have plenty of choice if you fancy a particular combination.

A delectable bisexual duo

Frequently an escort will have favourite partners they like to work with depending what her client is looking for. Two girls working together who now each other is a real treat. They will be supremely confident and know how to put on a tantalising show prior to inviting the client to join in. With such a threesome the gent often submits and enjoys one or both of the ladies taking control. These escorts know how to transport a man into paradise, an experience he will savour for a long time and most likely eager to repeat.