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Blonde Escorts

Shades of blonde escorts in Manchester

There are many types of blonde escort and in this instance we are talking about shades of blonde. There are so many varieties, some gents are not fussed about what shade of blonde, though others have preferences. The almost white type of blonde is ash blonde, though the platinum variety is a shade whiter. There’s the classic Golden blonde which is the normal perception of what your average blonde escort in Manchester which is sometime described as a blend of honey and butter blonde of course there’s the cool Swedish blonde look as well as many other varieties. It is the liberated Scandinavian blonde that guys often fantasise about.

Blonde Manchester escorts are more than just fun

Ladies with blonde hair are often stereotyped as vacuous bimbos, but that is not the case with our golden haired escorts in Manchester proving that they are a lot more than that. There is no doubting that they are sex bombs, but they also have grace, charm, intelligence and wit as well as the ingredient guys seem to like about the image of blondes and that is they love to have all types of fun and are exciting to be with.